Thursday, July 31, 2003

He Really is a Poindexter!

The author of a letter to the editor in the NYT this morning remarked dryly, "One can only hope that the ridiculous idea of a futures market in terrorism will end John M. Poindexter's career in the public sector." Amen, and it is reported that the former Admiral is indeed leaving us, hopefully to find some deserving private sector company to screw up. Considering that his latest cracked idea was indeed a "futures market in terrorism," an unsuspecting brokerage firm would seem appropriate, although I would warn my stockholding readers to watch where he goes and then quickly transfer any accounts they have there....

On Vacation Again

Now that his latest press conference is behind him, replete with the usual cretinous statements and Bushisms, Dubya wanders off to his ranch for, yes, another vacation! Considering that most Americans are lucky to get a week off a year - we have less vacation time and work more than citizens in any other Western country - Dubya's endless vacations are a source of puzzlement. After all, he doesn't seem to do enough to NEED a vacation. Watching Dick Cheney run things and Donald Rumsfeld mismanage things can't be too absorbing.

Making the Trains Run on Time AND Helping the Economy

A not over-bright Chicago bank is in hot water at the moment for praising the economic policies of, believe it or not, Adolf Hitler. According to Glenview National Bank's July newsletter, Hitler's spending gave confidence to reemployed German workers, in sharp contrast to the performance of other Western economies. Of course considering that some rightwingers are currently trying to rehabilitate "Tailgunner Joe" McCarthy, can Hitler be far behind?


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