Sunday, August 24, 2003

Clinton-Hating Loonies

Orcincus has a long and detailed piece comparing the history of the Clinton-hating loony right to what the repugs complain is the reflexive Democratic Dubya-hatred of today. The trouble is, as Orcinus points out ably, is that Clinton-hate was based on sheer lunacy (Murders! Rapes! Ruby Ridge!) while Dubya-hate is based on truth (Steal the Election! Weapons of Mass Disappearance! Rape the Environment! Use the Bill of Rights for Toilet Paper!).

Like the Clinton-haters, "Bush haters" think his presidency is illegitimate. The difference, however, is that the "Bush haters" have rational grounds for claiming that. Clinton-haters argued that Clinton was "illegitimate" because he only won a plurality of the popular vote; however, after 2000, they stopped arguing that point. Funny, that.

It's a great article. Check it out.


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