Friday, August 15, 2003

A Fair and Balanced Day

I personally plan to have a very fair and balanced day. I will begin by dragging myself to my place of work, working in a fair and balanced way (?), then later I will balance off the day with a visit to the ballpark to see the whackily UN-balanced "Famous Chicken." Now is that fair and balanced or what?!!

California - UNBalanced

Pretty good article by Julian Borger over at The Guardian about the California recall lunacy. His comment about Gray Davis having the "charisma of a lamppost" is certainly right on...the trouble is that Americans tend to forget that charisma is optional, and charismatic people are not necessarily the ones you want running things (I believe it was the science fiction writer Robert Heinlein who pointed out that anyone who WANTS to be president shouldn't be allowed to become one). Sure, Ahnold is charismatic. But...

Schwarzenegger has been evasive on the subject of how he would deal with the problems, other than stressing the importance of leadership. Judging by the number of Terminator catchphrases he has employed in his campaign so far, he seems to think will be best provided by a trigger-happy cyborg.

Earth calling - he's an ACTOR. Vote him in, you get what you deserve - and probably fulfill another Rovian plot.

Tricksey Hobbitses!!!

Hey, Gollum's running! Cool.


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