Monday, August 04, 2003

Hoffa on Jobs

More on the jobs problem over at the Washington Post, where Teamsters president James P. Hoffa has a short, thoughtful editorial. Hoffa points out:

American workers will suffer a direct hit at home when thousands of additional foreign workers take jobs here in the United States under a new program that permits visas to be renewed indefinitely. Moreover, the Singapore agreement would allow high-tech products made outside Singapore to be sent to the United States through Singapore duty-free. Free-trade zealots ignore the lesson of the North American Free Trade Agreement: that the failure to raise labor standards results in greater hardship for all workers, and greater wealth for the few in the corporate elite.

Hoffa goes on to warn that the Teamsters will be looking actively to back pro-worker candidates. The problem is, where will they find them when both Republicans and Democrats subscribe to these bankrupt policies?

Valerie Plame

For those wondering what the brouhaha is about, Mark Kleiman has a useful summing up of the case so far that he posted yesterday. Check it out.


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