Sunday, August 10, 2003

Kevin Phillips on the Anti-Bush

I always find what Kevin Phillips has to say interesting (and recommend his recent book Wealth and Democracy: A Political History of the American Rich unreservedly); his editorial in the Los Angeles Times this morning (warning - tedious registration required, but worth it in this case) discusses some of Dubya's vulnerabilities that only Howard Dean so far seems to have the courage to take advantage of. Phillips believes that Dean probably can't win the nomination, but his presence will force the other Democrats to start looking seriously at several key vulnerabilities of the president, to wit the war, the trashed economy, and Dubya's coziness with the American Taliban, aka the religious right.

...the chance for Dean to educate a lie-weary electorate and doctor its spirit with candor is clearly at hand. And he can do worse than heed the 1968 achievement of another man from a small Northern state who is still remembered for crystallizing national disenchantment with the first Texas president to fib America into a bungled war.

Well worth reading.


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