Sunday, August 03, 2003


Good dialogue over at Chaos Manor on the neo-con question, with Dr. Pournelle taking some heat for his comment I reported yesterday. One reader claims that neo-cons are just "Scoop Jackson Democrats," which is hardly true. Neo-cons in fact are a bunch of boring loonies who have only their opposition to the now-disappeared Soviet Union in common with Jackson; his view of the current lunacy in Iraq would likely be very different from theirs. Pournelle on the neos:

I will admit to a bit of biliousness when it comes to writing about Frum and his Neo Con friends who seem to believe that adherence to their policies is the criterion for being "conservative". And here I thought that keeping the Republic intact and minding our own business was pretty conservative, and rushing about righting all the wrongs of the world was fairly radical. But until Frum announced that his group had "turned their backs" on people who didn't enthusiastically endorse the war, I had little to say about that group of mostly former Trotskyites who came over to the cause of Capitalism and Freedom during the Cold War, and who now seem to think they own the conservative movement. As if they won the Cold War. The Protracted Conflict was won with strategies developed while they and their parents were still debating left deviationism.

Home run, Dr. P. And, as usual, it's best to criticize these nitwits from their own side of the political spectrum.

Who's Destroying Society?

As a person of the gay persuasion, I am often credited by conservatives with "destroying" American society and morals. Well, having just had a crew of overprivileged college undergraduates move in across the street, complete with Bimmers paid for by mummy and daddy, as well as their education - no one who stays up until 3 am every night can possibly have a job - I would suggest that anyone come over and take a good long look at these junior savages in training and then try to tell me that I am the problem. Riiiight, as Dr. Evil would say.....


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