Sunday, August 31, 2003

The Right - Willing to Attack the General

George Will has joined the growing number of right wing commentators who, knowing that retired General Wesley Clark may well be the most formidable candidate to oppose President aWol, has chosen to attack Clark. Like the others, unable to come up with any real reasons to oppose Clark, Will resorts to prevarication:

Comparisons of Clark to Dwight Eisenhower are ludicrous. Eisenhower, as well-prepared as any president for the challenges of his era, had spent three years immersed in the political complexities of coalition warfare, dealing with Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, de Gaulle and others. Clark's claim to presidential stature derives from directing NATO's 78 days of war at 15,000 feet over Serbia. It was the liberals' dream war: tenuously related to U.S. security, with an overriding aim, to which much was sacrificed, to have zero U.S. fatalities.

Of course the right opposed the war in Kosovo. After all, only a bunch of boring Muslims were getting slaughtered and hey, there was no oil there! Why would we want to fight a war for other than mercenary purposes? Plus it was also a convenient way to continue the right's inane assault on President Clinton. And, in the end, there were indeed zero US combat deaths. Try that one, Dubya. "Bring 'em on!"

July 1: "A fellow in Canada who is part of a Middle Eastern think tank." There is no such Canadian institution. Anyway, who "from the White House"? "I'm not going to go into those sources. . . . People told me things in confidence that I don't have any right to betray."

Note that General Clark never said that the Middle Eastern think tank was Canadian, only the man who contacted him. But the right prefers to twist any statement to meet their ends - ends which are, face facts, evil.

Now Clark darkly says there are "rumors" that in February "the White House" tried -- well, "apparently" tried -- "to get me knocked off CNN." Clark still coyly refuses to say he is a Democrat but forthrightly confesses to being a "centrist." As he prepares to heed the clamor for him to join the pursuit of Dean, he is earning the description National Review has given to Sen. Bob Graham: "a deranged moderate."

Right, suggest he's deranged. Very, very good. The right is running scared of a Clark candidacy - all they can do is fling crap and hope some of it sticks. If only I trusted the American people to be smarter than that....

Poll Shows Support for New Spacecraft

A poll commissioned by the Orlando Sentinal shows that 60 percent of Americans are willing to foot the bill for a shuttle replacement, and a combined 73 percent want NASA funding to at least remain the same or increase.

Progress Docks with Station

A Russian Progress supply ship has docked with the International Space Station, bringing two and a half tons of assorted supplies and consumables to support operations on the station. Progress capsules, developed to support the Mir space station, are basically unmanned versions of the Soyuz spacecraft. After unloading supplies, the crew uses the Progress as a trash can and it is later undocked and deorbited to burn up in the atmosphere.


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