Thursday, August 28, 2003

Waiting for the General

According to Michael Janofsky this morning in the NYT...

Wesley K. Clark, the retired four-star general who has been contemplating a run for president, has told close friends that he wants to join the Democratic race and is delaying a final decision only until he feels he has a legitimate chance of winning the nomination.

I believe he has a legitimate chance now, and if the Democrats are smart - well, there's a good question - they will immediately shed themselves of most of the losers currently running and concentrate on the man who can take Dubya out in 2004. Clark is immune to the "we're patriots and you're traitors!" monkey shit that the Republicans will employ in 2004 and that alone makes him worth running.


There was a long article about March on Washington organizer Bayard Rustin this morning in my local paper, the Columbus Dispatch (no link possible) that lauded him, described his career - and never once mentioned that he was gay. Interesting.


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