Thursday, September 04, 2003

Allies Tell Dubya to Take a Hike

Now that what the Administration and its neocon eggers-on thought would be the Iraq pushover is looking more like the Iraq quagmire, the same Administration and neocons want the UN - remember them? - to belly up to the bar and send troops and money. Fortunately, our erstwhile allies the French ("Freedom Fries" "cheese-eating surrender monkeys") and the Germans (insert neocon reference to Nazis here) are telling President Stupid to hit the road. And let's hope allied grumpiness continues:

The presidential election next year is a powerful incentive for the Bush team to consider any proposal that prevents Iraq from becoming a determining campaign issue.

Anything the allies can do to help President Stupid get shitcanned next year is worth it, and they probably realize that.

Just in Time for 9/11!

Just to keep the pot brewing and people in a "we'll accept ANYTHING!" panic, the Department of Homeland Security releases another terrorism alert. Frankly, folks, can you imagine an airliner - any airliner - getting hijacked and the passengers not rapidly sending the hijackers home to Allah by ripping them limb from limb? No, me neither. Some of the other scenarios, I suspect, may be more valid:

The advisory includes a laundry list of possible attack scenarios, and says al Qaeda may be researching how to disseminate diseases and toxins by contaminating water and food, or aerosolizing an agent in an enclosed space

Only time will tell.


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