Monday, September 29, 2003

And the Stonewalling Begins

President Incurious George has decided that he won't bother to ask his aides to reveal which one of them blew the cover of an undercover CIA agent:

White House officials said they would turn over phone logs if the Justice Department asked them to. But the aides said Bush has no plans to ask his staff members whether they played a role in revealing the name of an undercover officer who is married to former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV, one of the most visible critics of Bush's handling of intelligence about Iraq.

Wake up, Incurious George. You're about to have to find another job as an unsuccessful businessman.

Former Vermont governor Howard Dean said Attorney General John D. Ashcroft should play no role in the investigation and should turn it over to the Justice Department's inspector general, who operates independently of political appointees. "President Bush came into office promising to bring honor and integrity to the White House," Dean said. "It's time for accountability."

Dean is absolutely right. There needs to be an independent investigation of this before Ashcroft and his minions get in there and start burning stuff for cert. My guess is that some minor aide of an aide will soon be sacrificed to protect whoever really was behind this (Karl Rove is my suspect), and the investigation has to be quick and deep to prevent this from happening.


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