Sunday, September 21, 2003


Less than a week after entering the race, retired General Wesley Clark is already the Democratic frontrunner, according to a Newsweek poll!

CLARK WON SUPPORT from 14 percent registered Democrats and democratic leaners, outpacing former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (12 percent), Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman (12 percent), Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry (10 percent) and Missouri Congressman Dick Gephardt (8 percent).

Good news!

Galileo Finishes Triumphant Mission

The NASA Galileo Jupiter probe ended its 14 year mission to the giant planet by plunging into its atmosphere and burning up. NASA chose this end for the probe to prevent a possible eventual crash onto Jupiter's moon Europa, which is widely suspected of being a possible second home for life in our solar system. In this way, potential contamination of the moon was avoided.

In spite of a major technical glitch - the non-deployment of the probe's main antenna - the mission exceeded all of its goals except for the number of expected pictures (picture taking was scaled back due to the lessened bandwidth of the backup antenna) and made several major new discoveries both at Jupiter and en route, when it was able to make the first close photographs of an asteroid.


I think a lot of lefty bloggers are just going insanely off the deep end re Mel Gibson's upcoming film The Passion, which is based on the Gospel According to John. Earth to bloggers: if you don't like the Gospel of John, don't watch this, as the film is apparently a line for line rendering of this particular gospel. Otherwise, shut the hell up, you're making yourselves look like a bunch of ignorant cretins. End of rant.

Besides, Russell Crowe's take is, predictably, a lot funnier than all the ranting.


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