Saturday, September 27, 2003

Democratic Attacks on Clark are Just Plain Stupid

Large numbers of Democrats, from the current crop of candidates to assorted pundits and editors, are falling all over themselves to denounce retired General Wesley Clark as "not a true Democrat," whatever the hell that is. They point out that Clark appeared at a Republican fundraiser in early 2001, and that he admits he may have voted for Nixon and Reagan. They argue that Clark is in fact a Republican who is imitating a Democrat in order to run for the presidency, as if any Republican could be so insane as to thus bring upon himself the screeching hatred of the right wing duckspeakers, who have in this case joined the Democrats in their attacks.

Fact: Clark's father was a Democratic activist. Fact: Clark's social views are those of a Democrat, not a Republican. He is pro-choice, pro-environment, pro-tolerance of others. Fact, and I know this drives a lot of Democrats bats: hundreds of thousands of Democrats voted for Nixon (who by today's standards would be a liberal!), hundreds of thousands of Democrats voted for Reagan, and a lot of Democrats at one time or another expressed support for President Bush, including some of the midgets currently running and slagging Clark. Now, get over it, get off your high horses, and get on with choosing someone who can kick President Stupid and Bunker Boy the hell out of office!


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