Thursday, September 18, 2003

Dubya: "We Lied!"

Unfortunately President Stupid didn't actually say that, but after Rumsfeld's remarks about no links between Saddam and 9/11, Dubya had to choose either to lie more or tell the truth and hope it gets buried by all the hurricane chatter. Bet you won't hear the duckspeakers talking about this either, since Ann Coulter, Limbaugh, and the rest of the quacking brigrade have been screeching about this for months. Strangely, the SCLM defends Dubya:

The White House has never said Mr. Hussein was part of the Sept. 11 plot, though from the moment of the attacks there was a search to determine whether he was linked. As Mr. Bush has described the Iraq conflict as part of the war on terror, he has drawn a loose connection, saying that after Sept. 11, 2001, the United States could no longer tolerate the kind of threat Mr. Hussein posed or risk that Mr. Hussein's weapons could reach the hands of terrorists.

I don't have the quotes immediately at hand, but I believe that the administration has, since 9/11 itself, been making that connection continually. More on this later.

Saudis Want the Bomb?

So the Saudis are seriously considering acquiring nuclear weapons, i.e. "weapons of mass destruction." Considering that these are the pests most responsible for 9/11, will Dubya turn the troops in Iraq around? This is one I'd be 100% behind.

A strategy paper being considered at the highest levels in Riyadh sets out three options:

· To acquire a nuclear capability as a deterrent;

· To maintain or enter into an alliance with an existing nuclear power that would offer protection;

· To try to reach a regional agreement on having a nuclear-free Middle East.

We shall see which option they pick.


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