Sunday, September 07, 2003

Electronic Voting = Vote Stealing

I'm completely opposed to electronic voting because it's an obvious way for the Republicans to permanently slant the vote everywhere in their favor. It may already be happening. Has anyone else noticed that exit polling, for years an accurate predictor of the vote, simply stopped working a few years ago, so much so that at least one company that had specialized in it gave up and went out of business? Hmm? Anyway, Jeanne d'Arc over at Body and Soul has a very interesting first-person account of what happened in her town when electronic voting reared its exceptionally ugly head:

The machines are made by Diebold, which looks about as fair and balanced as Fox News, but there's a paper trail -- boxes of scantron cards that anybody could look at if there were any suspicions of fraud, or even honest error. What could go wrong?

Plenty. In the March 2002 primary election, the vote counts from our absentee and mail-in ballots showed up on Diebold's Web site in the middle of the afternoon -- four and a half hours before the polls closed.

What the hell was Diebold doing looking at our vote counts in the middle of election day? And how did they get those votes?

Unfortunately, our local paper misses the point by focusing on whether the information was "in the public domain on election day" and whether Diebold having the information affected the final vote. The central point really is that it was illegal for Diebold to have that information before the polls were closed, and whether or not the vote count was manipulated in this election (and there's no evidence that it was), this breach shows that Diebold clearly has the ability to manipulate an election.

Exactly. And Diebold is the finalist to bring their vote warping junk here to Ohio. This is a very important issue. It could mean the effective end of democracy in the United States. Please keep an eye on the coming of electronic voting to your own areas, and do all you can to oppose it and monitor it.


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