Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Hackworth Endorses Clark

The iconoclastic Colonel David Hackworth, who has in the past made less than complimentary comments about General Wesley Clark (comments Hackworth now feels were unjust and based on incorrect information), has come out over at Soldiers for the Truth in support of Clark's presidential bid after interviewing Clark for an upcoming issue of Maxim:

I asked Clark why he didn't turn in his bloody soldier suit for Armani and the big civvy dough that was definitely his for the asking.

His response: "I wanted to serve my country."

He says he now wants to lead America out of the darkness, shorten what promises to be the longest and nastiest war in our history and restore our eroding prestige around the world.


For sure, he'll be strong on defense. But with his high moral standards and because he knows where and how the game's played, there will probably be zero tolerance for either Pentagon porking or two-bit shenanigans.

But if he wins the election, don't expect an Andrew Jackson field-soldier type. Clark's an intellectual, and his military career is more like Ike's - that of a staff guy and a brilliant high-level commander. Can he make tough decisions? Bet on it. Just like Ike did during his eight hard but prosperous years as president.

Thank you, Colonel. While Maxim is an incredibly egregious magazine, I'm betting Hackworth's interview with Clark will be well worth a read.

Clark's Incredible Momemtum - Can He Seize the Moment?

According to a new CNN poll, retired General Wesley Clark has surged - nay, exploded - to the top of the Democratic list of contenders for the 2004 Presidential election. Clark is supported by 22% of likely Democratic voters in the poll. Second was Howard Dean at 13%. 49% said they would vote for Clark in a presidential race, 46% for Dubya.

Now it's up to Clark to seize this unique moment and run with it. He has to make as few mistakes as possible. It's going to be interesting to watch, and our nation's future may well depend on what Clark does and says in the next few months.

Another Right Wing Cretin Attacks Clark

According to a loony over at "AmericanDaily.com," a flag-waving right wing loony site, Wesley Clark's leadership of the operation to save Kosovo was just a front to preserve and spread Islamic terrorism. Of course! Hilariously, this pro-Serbian nitwit also whines that the war was not approved by Congress under the War Powers Act and hence illegal. Hm. Neither was Iraq I or Iraq II! We don't declare war anymore, dude, we just beat people we don't like the hell up. Where have you been?!

It's a real pile of stinking bullcrap, but again a preview of what the right wingers are going to use against Clark in the coming months and hence should be read.


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