Thursday, September 25, 2003

Investigation at Gitmo Continues

The military is carefully watching other suspects at the Guantanamo Bay detention center who may be, as Captain Yousef Yee and Senior Airman Ahmad al-Halabi have been accused of, committing treason against the United States. No surprise that Phil Carter over at Intel Dump is monitoring the situation:

But it will shock me (as CPT Yee and Airman Halabi's arrests did) if we actually find more people who allegedly committed acts of espionage. Such a discovery will shake my faith in the fidelity of my fellow serviceperson, and give me pause to doubt the fidelity of those with whom I might serve alongside in the future. In the military, you rely on your brother (or sister) in the fighting position next to you to do his or her job in combat. Mission accomplishment in the military derives from unit effectiveness; unit effectiveness is built on unit cohesion; unit cohesion is built on trust and shared sacrifice. These traitorous acts, if true, undermine that trust, and as a result, undermine the entire American military.

Powerful stuff from Phil. And I might add, this situation not only may undermine trust in our military, it will certainly undermine trust in Muslim members of the US military - an unfortunate and dangerous situation.


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