Sunday, September 28, 2003

Kevin Drum is Fuming

Kevin Drum over at Calpundit is, as are the rest of us, deeply disturbed by the implications of the Valerie Plame affair, and puts his thoughts into eloquent words aimed at conservatives who believe they support this Administration:

This episode exposes the viciousness and amorality at the very heart of the Bush administration, and I hope it opens some conservative eyes about the nature of the administration they support. These guys are not who you think they are and they aren't pursuing their policies for the principled reasons you think they are. After all, if they went to war with Iraq because of a genuine commitment to humanitarian relief and Middle East democracy, don't you think they would have paid a little more attention to postwar planning? What does it tell you that they didn't?

Remember: this is not just some run of the mill political dirty trick. It's perilously close to treason. No truly principled conservative administration would do a thing like this, and the fact that they've been trying to dodge it for two months tells you everything you need to know about them

Indeed. It's time for principled conservatives - and we all know that there are many - to wash their hands of Bush and his neocon buddies and help us flush them down the toilet of history. These people are evil and vicious, and to save American democracy for Democrats and Republicans alike, THEY HAVE TO GO.


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