Tuesday, September 30, 2003


MSNBC is running a flash that a DOD translator has been arrested. More later!

UPDATE: Here's the scoop; we apparently have another Muslim traitor at Gitmo. Who in the world decided to assign these guys there? Let's cut the crap, get some Arabic translators from Israel if we have to, and prevent this from happening again!

The FBI was called to make the arrest after U.S. immigration officials found a man identified as Ahmed Melhalba carrying CD-ROMs and paper documents allegedly related to the detainees.

Melhalba is the third person arrested in what appears to be a widening investigation of possible espionage at the base where suspected al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists are held.

Melhalba is described as a civilian translator, and was arriving at Logan on a flight from Egypt.

Egypt, mind you, the happy home of Mohammed Atta and a hotbed of al Queda. Wonderful.

More: And by the way, I'll bet you're all still feeling really, really safe since the Army canned six gay Arabic translators a year or so ago...can't believe no one else in the Blogsphere has cottoned-on to this yet.


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