Saturday, September 20, 2003


This is liable to be a great game. The Falcons have a real chance of upsetting the National Champion Buckeyes. Worth watching!

Early Misstep for Clark Campaign

After announcing that he probably would have voted for the Iraq war resolution had he been a member of Congress, Wesley Clark, probably at the behest of his handlers, has done a quick and unfortunate 180:

Retired Army Gen. Wesley K. Clark reversed course yesterday on the issue of Iraq, saying that he would "never have voted" for the congressional resolution authorizing President Bush to go to war, just a day after saying that he likely would have voted for it.

On a campaign trip to Florida on Thursday, Clark told reporters, after some equivocation, that he "probably" would have supported the Iraq resolution approved by Congress last fall, though he went on to say that he was "against the war as it emerged" and that he did not believe the war should have been launched when it was.

What's important to remember here is that Clark's first comment was probably his true opinion, and the second that of his handlers. While many are attributing the change to inexperience, this is why the change was made: while the first view would have been agreeable to most of the American people and indeed to most Democratic voters, many of whom supported, with or without doubts, the Iraq war, the second is designed to appeal to Democratic primary voters and caucus attenders - who unfortunately tend to be way to the left of most Democratic and independent voters. This frequently cripples Democratic presidential candidates and results in entirely unsuitable candidates like Mondale and Dukakis, and suggests that the Democrats need to somehow take the freaks out of the presidential selection process. That's not very democratic, but it had better become Democratic, or we'll get a candidate like Dean - a good, decent, likable, honest man, who is also unelectable.


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