Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Second Gitmo Arrest - Coincidence or Plot?

A second man, enlisted airman Ahmad al-Halabi, serving at the detention center at Guatanamo Bay has, after having been detained two weeks ago, been charged with a total of 32 offenses, including espionage and aiding the enemy. These are capital offenses that could and should if proved result in the death penalty. Any relation this may have to the case of Army Captain Yousef Yee is speculative at this point.

Funny how the Ann Coulter brigade have been charging Democrats with being a fifth column. It's not PC but it may be time, at least until this situation is thoroughly understood, to reassign Muslim servicemen currently at Gitmo.

Oh, and al-Halabi was an Arabic translator. Remember how the military protected us from gay Arabic translators a few years ago? I feel so much safer now, and I bet you do too.


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