Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Remember, everyone, if a court steals the presidential election for the Republicans, it's OK. If a court delays the Republican-created California recall election, it's a monstrous invasion of "democracy:"

This afternoon, right-wing radio was cranked up, crackling with accusations of a coup, cronyism and crass political maneuvering.

"Clinton comes to town and a day later two of his appointees on the appellate court decide to nix the election," said Roger Hedgecock, an influential radio personality in San Diego.

"I'm struck by the similarity between California and Venezuela," Mr. Hedgecock said. "Last week there was a recall attempt on Chávez down there. The signatures were turned in and his committee throws them out as invalid. That's what you had today. This is the stuff of a banana republic."

Even in the liberal precincts of San Francisco, the voice of the angry right was heard. The governorship, finally within the Republican grasp after five years in the wilderness, may have been yanked away.

"This is definitely a left-wing conspiracy," said Melanie Morgan, the host of the KSFO rush-hour program in San Francisco. "The court has stolen Californians' right to vote. It's partisan, bald-faced theft. We were so close to having this done. I'm exhausted."

Now now, duckspeakers. What goes around...comes around.

Calpundit Interviews Krugman

Fascinating interview with Paul Krugman over at Calpundit. Here's a little teaser to inspire you:

Take this catastrophe in Alabama just now. It was a dispute about taxes, but what's ultimately at stake is, are they going to do anything to improve that dismal primary education system in Alabama or is it going to get even worse because of the budget crisis? And the answer is, it's going to get even worse.

It's funny, some of the businesses in Alabama were supporting Riley's tax plan because they actually are starting to understand that a decent education level is more important to them than a couple of points off their taxes. But it gets harder to have that sort of enlightened social policy when you have a society that's so radically differentiated. Think of Latin America. The characteristic thing in Latin America is that they have lousy infrastructure and lousy education systems because they're so polarized on income, and in turn that leads to low development and polarized income. You get this kind of downward spiral. And there's something like that happening here.

Read it. There are some thoughtful reader comments at the bottom, too.

It's Happening Here Too

Not much notice in the national press as of yet - not much from the big city press in Ohio either - , but Ohio's dimwitted Republican Secretary of State, the egregious Ken Blackwell, is trying to jumpstart his campaign (here and here too) to become first black governor of Ohio by attempting to push a recall of the emergency 1% sales tax increase that was passed (by the Republican legislature) to drag Ohio out of fiscal crisis. Blackwell believes that this tax is a horrible burden on Ohioans. Earth to Ken: I personally have barely noticed it. I will notice, however, if you repeal it and start slashing necessary programs in the classic Republican fashion. Go away, Ken.


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