Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Sullivan Craps on Clark

Andrew Sullivan is one of those cretins who make me vaguely ashamed of being gay. Who would want to be associated in any way with this not over-bright nitwit who doesn't seem to realize that his position is just about as intelligent as, say, Jews for Hitler? But I digress and rant simultaneously. Needless to say, Nitwit Andy has to squat and crap on retired General Wesley Clark:

HOW LOOPY IS CLARK? The answer, I fear, is that he's Ross Perot without the emotional stability. So now his previous remark that he'd be a Republican if Karl Rove had returned his calls is just a metaphor, or a fabrication, or a dream, or something. Or maybe he called Rove on a cell-phone or an email. Will he respond to these discrepancies? He also got oddly chummy with a genocidal war criminal. But, hey, diplomacy is good.

A couple of days ago Russell Crowe suggested that Mel Gibson needs to get off the glue, but Mel is a weird island of sanity next to loopy Andrew.


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