Monday, September 29, 2003

Wes Clark Runs with Plame Scandal

Retired General Wesley Clark's campaign has just issued a press release calling for an independent investigation of the Valerie Plame "outing":

"The Administration should not play politics with this matter. This issue is too important for political gamesmanship or to be managed by the John Ashcroft Justice Department," General Wesley Clark said. "The investigation must be independent of the Justice Department - otherwise the investigation could be influenced by political considerations. That is why President Bush should immediately refer this entire matter to a completely independent body - a body with credibility both in our country and with our allies around the world."

Of course Dubya will be able to resist pleas of this sort, and I believe that this is why:

The "outer" of Valerie Plame most likely is Karl Rove. Every other aide at the White House, every other person in the Administration is expendable, but not Dubya's Dirty Tricksmeister. Bush will do anything to protect Rove. In the next few days, perhaps the next week, some minor nitwit will be importuned into resigning and taking "credit" for the outing - probably with a guarantee of a lucrative job at a Halliburton subsidiary - in hopes of taking the heat off the person who is truly behind this happy piece of treason and shutting down the investigation, whether by the Justice Department or an independent body.

It's only a theory, and only time will tell....


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