Monday, October 06, 2003

Bob Herbert Hits a Home Run

Bob Herbert is always well worth reading, but he knocks one out of the park with his piece about Arnold the Barbarian in the NYT this morning:

Mr. Schwarzenegger is the favorite in California because, incredibly, he's perceived as a strong leader by many voters. In reality, he seems little more than an aging but still frisky goof-artist, a fun-loving egomaniac with a winning smile and very little understanding of what is appropriate behavior.

But he's played spectacularly strong leaders in one cartoonish movie after another. As scary as it seems, for a lot of voters in California, that's reason enough to hand him the reins of their government.

Indeed. Americans have become so dull and so stupid that they will vote for this man because they like his film characters. Well, California, Earth calling - Arnold is not a kindly terminator or a kindergarten cop, or Danny DeVito's twin brother. He's a not over-bright cipher being jammed into the governorship so Dubya can slap another state, legally or more likely otherwise, into his pocket next year. That's the only reason this recall is happening, and anyone with half a brain knows that. Unfortunately, most Californians apparently have less than half a brain.


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