Friday, October 17, 2003

Bush I Makes a Point to Bush II

Former President George H.W. Bush is a very different man from his erstwhile eldest who currently infests the White House. Bush I was a principled Republican who knew that coalitions are better than going it alone, a man who read the papers himself and made his own decisions, a man who went to WWII, got shot at, and even got shot down as the youngest Navy pilot of the conflict. We can disagree on his policies, but the first President Bush is a decent man who served his country well in the Navy, as a senator, as head of the CIA, and as Vice President and President. Now, President Bush I appears to be making a point that even his pointed-headed son might notice. Senator Edward M. Kennedy has been selected for the 2003 George Bush Excellence in Publc Service Award, which he will receive November 7th at the Bush Library.

Is President Bush I taking the first shot in the necessary war for the soul of the Republican Party? If so, he couldn't have chosen a better moment - or a better subject for this award than a senator who is both noted for his long public service, and his criticism of Bush II's foolish war. The award makes the point, I believe, that Bush I, unlike the duckspeakers, the swarming neocons, and the religious maniacs who have taken over the GOP, knows that the Democrats are not traitors. It's past time something like this happened, and we can hope it's only the beginning of the battle to free the GOP from the pests who have stolen it.


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