Wednesday, October 08, 2003

California = Really Stupid

Californians have joined Alabamians in the race for the "stupidest voters in America" Cracker Jack prize by falling for a not over-bright bodybuilder and the shadows lurking behind him. Since Republicans increasingly can't get elected on their own "merits," the use of lay figure dummies as fronts will increase since this most recent success of the strategy. It's going to be hard on the state, but let's pray Arnie fails spectacularly. It's vital for the survival of American democracy that he be made an example of.

Trouble in Clark Campaign?

Donnie Fowler, manager of the Clark campaign, has quit due to disagreements over the role the Draft Clark movement should take in the campaign. Now I agree that Clark should pay more attention to the Draft movement, but I also think what's going on here is that people in that movement believe that they, whatever their qualifications or lack thereof, should automatically take a leading role in Clark for President campaign. It's up to Clark to chose the best people for that job, whoever they might be.

This reminds me of something I'm familiar with, a movement to revive a certain 1970s TV series, a movement that I was peripherally involved with. A lot of the people involved in this movement claimed that they were disinterested fans, but in fact were hoping for influence and jobs if the series was revived. Well, it's been revived, by someone else, and the sour grapes whine from the losing side is intense. Something like that, I suspect, is also happening in the Clark campaign.


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