Tuesday, October 07, 2003

The Continuing Humiliation of Colin Powell

Our unfortunate Secretary of State continues living in a Shakespearian tragedy as today's op ed piece by him in the Washington Post proves:

Lo and behold, Kay and his team found strains of organisms concealed in a scientist's home, and they report that one of the strains could be used to produce biological agents. Kay and his team also discovered documents and equipment in scientists' homes that would have been useful for resuming uranium enrichment efforts.

I'm betting Powell didn't write this, by the way, but he must have vetted it. What Kay and his team found basically was nothing, absolutely nothing. You can find botulin toxins in any soil sample (and at your favorite plastic surgeon's office!). Scattered documents and equipment buried since the first Gulf War do not a weapons program make. The claim that Iraq was trying to turn an anti-aircraft missile into a ballistic missile with a 250 km range is just ridiculous. What a shame that a good, intelligent man like General Colin Powell has been reduced to being a shill for the stupidest President in history and the evil men who surround him.


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