Sunday, October 05, 2003

Friedman Makes Sense!

Thomas Friedman has been pretty out of control lately trying to justify the craziness in Iraq, but at long last he's written a NYT piece that makes sense: raise gasoline taxes $1 and use the proceeds to pay for the reconstruction of Iraq and other useful projects - with the helpful side effects of discouraging the pig class from buying gas hogs and defunding Saudi support of folks like Osama bin Laden. Of course it will never fly, and Friedman knows it:

Unfortunately, this president — for ideological reasons, because of whom he is beholden to economically, and because he knows that the American people never demanded this war, so he cannot demand much from them — will not summon Americans to set that example. He will not summon us to be the best global citizens we can be. The Bush war cry is: "Do as we say, not as we do. Good ideas for Iraqis, gluttony for Americans."

Unfortunately Americans conflate "freedom" with "the God-given right to be the fattest hog on the block." Until that changes - if it does - we have no chance of realistic reform of any kind in this country.


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