Monday, October 27, 2003

George Gets Ready to Kick Butt!

George Steinbrenner, the wacky owner of the Yankees, must have watched the World Series with the same kind of bemused disbelief as many of us. Two Yankees provided almost all of the offense - Jeter and Williams - while the much-touted Alfonso Soriano reverted to his usual form of swinging at crap (I saw this guy play in Columbus for two years and the joke was "which Soriano is playing - the good one or the bad one?" Often both Sorianos appeared in the same game!). David Wells bragged of leaving conditioning to others and then left a game after one inning with back spasms. Aaron Boone was a remarkable study in futility.

“Of course I was disappointed, but we will be meeting soon to make whatever changes are needed to bring back a stronger, better team for New York and our fans,” Steinbrenner said in a statement Sunday. “You can count on it.”

You go, George.


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