Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Illegal Immigation Can't Remain PC Forever

Georgie Anne Geyer has written a great piece about illegal immigration. Immigration, legal and otherwise, is unfortunately still a "PC" topic in the US. We're all supposed to favor immigration because the vast majority of us are indeed descended from immigrants. Big business and their Republican thralls love immigration, illegal and otherwise, because it forces wages and benefits down. The Democrats profess to approve because they believe immigrants vote Democratic. The nasty facts are that immigration, illegal and otherwise, forces wages and benefits down and Americans out of work; it causes massive overcrowding in schools; many new immigrants have no desire to "melt" and refuse to learn English; and of course immigration is the only - repeat the only - thing leading inexorably to a massive population explosion in this country over the next 50 years that will rape our environment and likely destroy American democracy as well. And only a teeny tiny percentage of these people have to be terrorists.... Geyer wonders if finally Americans are beginning to wake up to the crock we've been fed since the 1960s changes in the immigration laws.

As more and more illegals crowd the nation, probably an estimated 9 million today, the complaints from citizens become personal, particularly since so many immigrants do not even attempt to live by American norms and standards. Americans resent the fact that 18 states now give driver's licenses to illegals; and since 47 states permit voting registration through driver's license, illegals can easily vote – it's illegal, but the politicians surely don't care.

More and more, too, Americans living in high-density illegal immigrant territory complain bitterly about hit-and-run drivers among the illegals. California's rate of hit-and-run fatalities is twice the national rate, largely due to drunken driving by unlicensed illegals.

Still, what I noted at this year's conference was not only the difference in the Luntz polling conclusions from California, but a new urgency among immigration control groups and individuals.

As military philosopher Victor Hanson Davis, author of the recent book "Mexifornia," told the group: "We are in the 11th hour in California."

Or: "I believe with all my heart that massive illegal immigration into our country is a dagger pointed at our heart," Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado said to the group. "It will determine whether we are to be a country – or not."

Amen. It has to stop.


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