Friday, October 10, 2003

Linda Chavez Chooses her Facts

Linda Chavez stands up to defend her man Dubya against the evil attacks of former ambassador Joe Wilson and his spy wife. As is SOP for Republicans and their paid apologists, she chooses her facts carefully in the knowledge that most of her audience is too dumb to realize what she's up to. After snidely pointing out that Valerie Plame is "the third Mrs. Wilson" (so? Joe Wilson is the second Mr. Plame too!), Chavez rambles on:

Both Wilson and Plame are also active Democrats. He worked for both Bill Clinton and Al Gore, and donated money-the maximum allowed by law-to Gore's 2000 presidential campaign, as did Plame.

Guess what, chicky: Joe Wilson is a career diplomat, not one of those political glad-handers who are given ambassadorships for perfect attendance or whatever. He also worked for Ronald Reagan and Bush I. And he donated money to the campaign of Bush II. He's not quite as singleminded as Linda paints him with her giant tar brush.

In the end, the Democrats will fail, and this incident will become a mere footnote in Washington's never-ending catalogue of intrigue and scandals. I guess Joe Wilson will just have to devise some new role to play if he wants to regain center stage

Heh. Don't bet on it, Linda.


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