Saturday, October 11, 2003

Repugs Insanely Out of Control

This could be a continuing feature as the GOP continues its rampage across the smoking remains of the United States...

Repugs steal Texas here:

Fortson appeared to take special delight in writing about what he predicted would be the fate of two Texas Democrats, Frost and Rep. Lloyd Doggett. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha . . .," he wrote before describing how the plan would affect their districts.

Discussing Frost's district, which runs between Fort Worth and Dallas, Fortson said, "It simply disappears." He said black voters in Fort Worth would be shifted into a Republican-dominated district, black voters in Dallas would be sent to a nearby district that is already heavily black, and Hispanic voters would be moved into another GOP district.

Repugs crap all over congressional Democrats here:

The partisan reprisal would trash the standing 60-40 formula for sharing projects and, even more, punish taxpayers in Democratic districts for the votes of their representatives.

The redoubtable Kevin Drum comments further on Repug insanity here:

Every party has extremist elements. I can live with that, especially since most extremist elements have little actual power. But some political movements are so odious that decent people need to take active measures to shun them. In the same way that Democrats purged their party of communists in the 40s and Jim Crow racists in the 60s, and the Republicans purged their party of the Buchananites in the 90s, Republicans need to purge the Texas strain of messianic intolerance currently growing on their right wing. It is not harmless, it is not small, and it is not a joke.

And so it goes, in an age like this....


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