Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Rush Limbaugh is STILL...

...a big fat idiot. Well, he's slimmer now. Still an idiot, though. Here's the GOP Hindenburg on Joseph Wilson:

He is full of hate, and it should be pointed out. The way this is playing out really causes concern. We need to get to the bottom of this mess before our entire policy in Iraq becomes "a victim of Washington's politics of long knives." Make no mistake about it, there are many that would love to make Bush's Iraq policy turn into a total, abject failure and wouldn't mind that becoming the reality despite the deaths that go with it - all for the sake of their reacquisition of their own political power. That's what you're witnessing, right in front of your very eyes.

Hm. Couple of things worth pointing out here, Blimpman: If Joe Wilson is "full of hate," what in the hell does that make you and the other cretins who crucified the Clintons for eight years over what turned out to be a lied-about blow job and shitloads of hot air? It's hilarious to have Republican duckspeakers screeching about "hate" and, as David Brooks whined in the NYT a few days ago, about how DEMOCRATS have poisoned the political atmosphere. Listen, morons, you started it. Now shut up and go away. Secondly, as for draft dodger Rush's worry that our Iraq policy will be turned into a "total abject failure" and cost lives - well, it IS a total, abject failure, and more of our soldiers have died since aWol did his aircraft carrier stunt than died before it. Go away, Rush. Go away.


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