Thursday, October 09, 2003

The Soul of the GOP

Kevin Drum has a great piece over at CalPundit. His mother asked him, "What's happened to the Republican Party?" and he gives his answer, a detailed one I think most of us will pretty much agree with. Kevin prints excerpts from the Texas GOP platform and concludes, rightly, "These are not the words of sane people. This is not "reform," this is not "common sense," and this is not "restraining government growth." This is plain and simple madness and the people behind it have real influence." Kevin notes:

If this were just a lunatic fringe we could all have a good laugh over their manifesto and then go out for a beer. But you can't dismiss it so easily. Texas-style conservatism has already put George Bush, Tom DeLay, and Karl Rove in charge of the country, and it is very much the future of the Republican party. And for all the conservatives reading this: I know this doesn't necessarily represent what you believe. But whether you like it or not, this kind of thinking does represent a very strong, very fast growing segment of the leadership of your party, and this is why liberals think the Republican party is just plain scary these days. We know that this is their agenda, we know that they really truly want to do this stuff, and we know that they are steadily gaining influence.

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