Monday, October 27, 2003

Terror in Iraq

What began as a guerilla campaign against American troops has pretty much completed its conversion to a campaign of pure terrorism aimed mostly at Iraqis, as the first day of Ramadan was "celebrated" by multiple bombings in Baghdad that have killed scores of people. One of the worst attacks was against the Baghdad offices of the International Red Crescent, where many people were killed, almost exclusively Iraqi civilians. It's evident that the attacks were aimed at people who the terrorists feel are cooperating with the American occupiers, namely the Red Crescent and Iraqi police stations, the message being blunt - cooperate and die.

American military efforts appear increasingly futile in the face of these attacks, and it's obvious that something has to change very quickly before the situation gets entirely out of control and the mass of Iraqis are successfully turned against us. The current leadership at the Pentagon needs to be overhauled - something that is long overdue - and the organization and operations of the occupation forces need to be studied closely and possibly changed. It's worth noting that the British appear to have had fewer problems in their area of occupation, and that should get a look at well.


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