Monday, November 03, 2003

Dean's Confederate Remarks

Mark Kleiman has a very insightful take on Howard Dean's controversial remark that he wants to appeal to the Confederate flag bumper sticker crowd. Mark points out:

And as to wanting to win the votes of the guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks, of course we want their votes. I've been a tough as anyone on the neo-Confederate wing of the Republican Party and the current President's pandering to it, but Dean's not talking about appointing as Attorney General someone who thinks that the Union Army was committing aggression when it fought the pro-Confederate militias in Missouri, or appointing Dixiecrats-turned-Republicans to appellate judgeships. He's talking about appealing to a group of voters who would be benefited by having a Democrat in the White House and who vote Republican in large party because they think -- not entirely without reason -- that the people who run the Democratic Party despise them, their lives, and their values.

Very well said, and very true. Read the entire piece.


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