Wednesday, November 05, 2003


It's too early to completely analyze Tuesday's election, but be assured it will be analyzed closely for probable Republican misconduct. On the entire horror story of electronic voting, the redoubtable Avedon Carol comments

The question I've now seen several people ask is, "Why aren't Republicans worried about the voting machine problem?" Or some variation thereof. Why aren't they worried that the machines may be used for rigging elections? Why aren't they worried about people actually hacking the vote - whether from Diebold itself or from outside in Hackerland? Do they really not care as long as the probability is that whatever "errors" come up will favor the Republicans? Do they accept that their party wants to overturn Democracy? Are they certain that whoever hacks the system will be on their team?

Well, it's starting to look like a good question.

Indeed it is. Over at Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall has posted a pdf of a letter from Mississippi Secretary of State Eric Clark to Mississippi Attorney General Mike Moore alleging possible fraud by the minions of the egregious Haley Barbour, just "elected" governor. According to Clark, "According to reliable reports, poll watchers throughout the state have been demanding to position themselves in locations within the polling place in defiance of directives from the poll managers.... It is apparent that one potential motive for this effort by some poll watchers is to intimidate Mississippians who are attempting to exercise their right to vote." The letter continues, "Furthermore, there are reports that poll watchers are video taping voters in precincts. We have had a specific report that poll watchers are video taping voters in the predominently minority precincts of Lowndes Country, Mississippi. This is a direct violation of the law and constitutes a per se case of intimidation."

The Republicans are mounting a serious effort to turn this country in a functional one party state. I do not believe that that is an exaggeration. We have to stop them. One way you can do your part is by volunteering as a Democratic poll watcher in your area. Look into it. And as for electronic voting, oppose, oppose, oppose.


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