Sunday, November 09, 2003

Howard Dean's Flag Flap

Avedon Carol over at The Sideshow ably analyzes the inane flap over Howard Dean's comments about appealing to types who have Confederate flag stickers on their pickups:

What interests me is policies that will work for us all, and the guys with the Confederate flags actually have nothing to lose by abandoning the Republican Party, and Democrats lose nothing by letting those guys feel like they can be Democrats. The trick is to stop pretending that those damn flags are more important than whether people can feed and clothe their kids, plan for their futures, and take advantage of being citizens of the richest country in the world.

Meanwhile, blacks don't benefit from losing elections over trivia like flags and decals and then ending up with their economic choices and chances being slashed. The food on the table, the roof over your head, the places in the classrooms, the jobs - those are the things that matter. Crap like the Confederate flag is a distraction, and makes people take their eye off the ball.

Democrats really, really do have to stop attacking red-neck culture and working-class "luxuries" (beer, big boobs, & butts) and start paying attention to the things that really matter.

Exactly. Democrats need to figure out how to recapture the white vote in the south, where at present blacks vote almost exclusively Democratic and whites vote almost exclusively Republican. I believe we can recapture many of these white voters if we can present to them genuine economic alternatives and stop sneering about rednecks 'n NASCAR. It's a winning strategy. Only Governor Dean seems to have figured that out, as most of his opponents immediately snapped into sneer mode. That has to end. We can retake some of the "red" states if we hop to it.


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