Thursday, November 06, 2003

New Nickel!

The Mint has had such a successful run with their wacky state quarter program that they're ready to roll out a brand new nickel. President Thomas Jefferson will still be on the front of the five cent piece, but his home Monticello will vanish from the back to be replaced with a design honoring the Lewis and Clark expedition. The new design will be officially unveiled today. No word on when the new nickels will begin entering circulation. UPDATE: The Mint fooled us! There will actually be two new nickel reverse designs. Nickel 1, to appear in the spring, will feature a design based on peace medals handed out to Indian tribes during the Jefferson Administration. Nickel 2 will feature a Lewis and Clark flatboat. Two more new reverses will appear in 2005, also honoring Lewis and Clark and the Louisiana Purchase. In 2006, Monticello will return, but it and the portrait of President Jefferson may be new designs. All kinds of money excitement!


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