Saturday, November 01, 2003

Norquist = Traitor as Well as Moron?

Grover Norquist, the social darwinist Know Nothing who wants to, in his words, "starve the beast" and reduce the Federal Government to fiddling while the country burns, may be a frontman for Islamic terrorists - may even have gotten hardcore Islamists jobs in the White House. Atrios brought this up a while ago, now the redoubtable Mark Kleiman asks why no one has gotten around to checking into this. Mark pretty much single handedly kept the Valerie Plame case alive; let's see if the press wakes up to this possible treason in our midst. Mark puts it like this:

If this is real, this could be a bigger scandal than the Valerie Plame affair. A direct link between Norquist and an al-Qaeda operative might explain a lot of otherwise inexplicable things, such as the White House decision to allow a sudden evacuation of all the bin Ladens in this country shortly after 9-11, before the FBI got a chance to talk to them, at a time when all U.S. airspace was closed to normal traffic.

I am firmly convinced that there are people in the current Administration who should end up against a wall in front of a firing party. Let's help get them where they belong.


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