Thursday, March 04, 2004

Bush: Unhappy that it's 2004, not 1004

Sidney Blumenthal writes in The Guardian today that Dubya's war against the present alienates as many as it attracts:

But Bush's instigation of religious wars in America, while it mobilises the evangelical Protestant faithful, is also unexpectedly thwarting him. The born-again Bush, who reconstructed his self-image after 9/11 as a messianic leader, assumed that the agendas of the neocons and the theocons were one and the same. However, Bush outsourced his foreign policy on the Middle East and Israel to the neocons in part for an electoral purpose, hoping to capture the Jewish vote, which will not be fulfilled because of his anxious devotion to the theocons.

I don't know if it's original with Blumenthal, but the term "theocons" is wonderful. Bush is betting that more than 50% of Americans are both prejudiced and stupid. Will he be proven wrong or right in November? The future of the republic lies in thrall to Know Nothings.


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