Sunday, March 07, 2004

Immigration: It's Time to Stop Being PC About It

It's too bad that otherwise smart lefties like David Neiwert go off the deep end whenever someone suggests that the flood of immigrants into this country should be slowed or better yet stopped. Yes, the vast majority of us are descended from immigrants. That doesn't mean we have to be brainless on the issue and continue letting everyone who wants in to force down wages and benefits and in the long run destroy our environment. David talks about people he believes are righties trying to take over the Sierra Club and force a non-immigration agenda. Well, one of those "righties" is former Colorado governor Dick Lamm, a Democrat. David accuses Lamm of "going off the deep end" on immigration. Well, David, maybe Lamm just got smart.

This shouldn't be a PC, untouchable issue. It should be a wake up and smell the roses issue, and then close the gates. Read David's piece here and then think about it. Read the comments too; many are thoughtful and cover all sides of the issue.


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