Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Tell Travelocity to Take Their Indian Workers and Shove Them

One way to fight outsourcing is to refuse to give our business to companies that outsource. If you've been using Travelocity, stop and tell the bastards why:

A new day seemed at hand in 2001 when online vacation company Travelocity signed a six-year lease to operate a call center in the abandoned Nexus building. It brought tech-age jobs and endeared itself by co-sponsoring the Fourth of July celebration.

Now Travelocity is pulling up stakes, too.

Last month, the Fort Worth-based company announced that it would close its Clintwood call center by the end of this year. In the future, it will route more calls through India. About 275 employees will lose jobs paying $8 an hour and higher, plus benefits, pushing double-digit unemployment up a few more notches.

Thanks for your patriotism, Travelocity.


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