Friday, October 22, 2004

The Clusterf**k Factor Decides it for Dan

Dan Drezner has made his mind up on who to vote for, and it's not the Chimp:

To put it crudely, my anger at Bush for the number of Mongolian cluster-f**ks this administration was discovered to have made in the planning process in the run-up to Iraq was compounded by the even greater number of cluster-f**ks the administration made in the six months after the invasion, topped off by George W. Bush's decision not to fire the clusterf**ks in the civilian DoD leadershop that insisted over the past two years that not a lot of troops were needed in the Iraqi theater of operations.

I don't believe any principled conservative - and Dan has just shown himself to be one - can vote for a man who believes he is an Emperor. Let's hope a lot more people like Dan come to the same conclusion, for it is they who will save their party and bring it back into the mainstream as the honored party of Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower, not the den of fascists and lunatics and Know Nothings it has become.


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