Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Shipping Jobs Overseas Kills American Troops

Gosh, isn't it great that we can ship our jobs overseas and flip burgers at each other? Hell no. It's killing American troops:

The soldiers in Iraq desperately needing armor protection on their thin-skinned vehicles must also rely on Canadian steel for protection because the United States is incapable of manufacturing enough armor plate to meet the current demand for it in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Herb Neides, a spokesperson for Ohio-based Clifton Products, said his company provides all the Canadian armor plate it can buy to the DoD. Clifton is currently selling 1,350 tons of Canadian-produced armor plate a month to various American interests manufacturing armor for the DoD.

Insert Repug monkey hooting here. Higher profits for wealthy parasites mean more dead soldiers. Wave that flag! Wave it! Stick it on your Japanese car!

When U.S. policy makers decided to attack Iraq they apparently failed to consider whether the United States has the manufacturing capacity to produce all the special steel it needs to make armor plate required to “uparmor” the soft-skinned Humvees and trucks under daily attack from marauding insurgents.

Had they looked, they might have discovered the United States only has one steel manufacturer company currently capable of producing the specially made rolled homogeneous armor plate that is used to produce the armor kits being manufactured at DoD-run arsenals. The arsenals therefore depend on Canadian steel sold on the open market and supplied through an American distributor to supplement the limited supply of American-made steel, several experts said.

This filthy war has to end now. And afterwards, we need to change things in this country. A lot of things. One thing is ending the happy talk about globalization. Globalization is bullshit, a lie, and it's time to face that fact.

“There are only so many steel mills left in the United States,” Neides said. “Foreign products hurt our mills. They could not survive.”


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