Saturday, January 29, 2005

Barefoot and Pregnant

This is where the anti-abortion movement is going; first ban legal abortion, then ban contraceptives. This is inevitable, and needs to be brought to the attention of every woman:

...a leading anti-abortion delegate said he opposes birth control, including the emergency contraceptive "morning-after pill."

"Anything designed to kill a child, which I define as a living organism with the DNA of Homo sapiens, is unacceptable," said Delegate Richard H. Black, Loudoun County Republican.

Mr. Black said, aside from the morality of the issue, he is concerned that birth control is contributing to a low birth rate in the United States and called contraceptives "baby pesticides."

In a world crawling with people - 4 or 5 billion over carrying capacity - to gripe about a low birth rate is just insane. But these people are crazy. No doubt Delegate Black is as enthusiastic about the war in Iraq and the death penalty as he is upset by "baby pesticides." This is where they want to go. If you're a woman, they want you barefoot and continuously pregnant. Digging a tunnel to the Ninth Century? You bet. (via the ever-watchful Avedon Carol)


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