Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Chimp Speaks

No shortage of lese majeste here, my friends. The Chimp had a press conference yesterday, and was in his usual presenile dementia form.

He said that if he had told the reporters in the room a few years before that the Iraqi people would be voting, "you would look at me like some of you still look at me, with a kind of blank expression."

Gee, Dubya, the blank expression has a lot more to do with the fact that you came out all cheery on a day when 37 Americans came home in body bags.

Though the tone of the news conference was at times light and bantering, in response to a question later Mr. Bush did address the helicopter crash: "Obviously any time we lose life it is a sad moment," he said.

As long as it isn't a Bush life. Don't see the stupid drunken twins in uniform, do we? Along those lines:

Bush said he was leading the nation toward an honorable goal in Iraq and across the world. “I firmly planted the flag of liberty,” he said.

Did you, now.


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