Friday, January 14, 2005

Doctors Take Hypocritical Oath

You have to wonder just how "smart" some medical doctors are. They have a ton of education, yet they can't figure out that their malpractice insurance premiums aren't rising because of "junk lawsuits," they're rising because insurance companies feel they aren't making enough money on their other investments. So here's a shithead who basically has shitcanned a pregnant patient because she wouldn't sign his little petition:

Jamie Chavez knew her Richland obstetrician felt strongly about limiting medical-malpractice awards. He bent her ear and offered pamphlets every time Chavez, pregnant with her first baby, visited him for prenatal care.

But she couldn't believe Dr. Mark Mulholland's reaction in November when she refused to sign a petition at the doctor's office for an initiative to limit jury awards in malpractice cases.

"I was kind of fired as a patient," she said.

Mulholland, whose malpractice-insurance premiums jumped 30 percent last year, said he told her he couldn't in good conscience provide medical care to someone with such contrary views on the issue.

"She basically expressed that people ought to be able to sue for everything they can," he recalled. "And that is just so philosophically different than how I feel, I didn't want to continue the doctor-patient relationship."

Chavez, an elementary-school special-education teacher, says she left Mulholland's office in tears, worried that she might not find a doctor she trusted to help her through pregnancy and delivery. "I was four months pregnant. I had no idea where to go."

What an ass. This "doctor" should not be allowed to practice. And evidently he and other doctors have not noticed this important fact: in states where "tort reform" has passed, guess what - insurance rates have not gone down. Duh! (via)


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