Saturday, January 01, 2005

More Welfare for the Rich

There are plenty of good reasons to oppose Dubya's attempt to gut Social Security, but there are two I've seen no one else mention:

1. When there is another stock market meltdown - and there will be - the government will be faced with the choice of either making up the money lost from accounts or dealing with blood in the streets in a country awash with guns.

2. The current overhead for the Social Security system is all of 1% (so much for conservative bullshit about government inefficiency). The overhead for private accounts would be much higher, and would all go into the pocket of wealthy parasites. This plan is nothing more or less than more Bushite welfare for the rich. Guess what: we don't need more rich people, and we don't need to make the ones we have richer.

There are no good reasons to support this plan, and many good reasons to oppose it. I've just given you two more.


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