Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Julian Borger has a revealing piece in the Guardian today, as Utah Repugs reveal their lack of critical thought:

Asked about their decision to re-elect the president, a lot of Utah Mormons, like Christian conservatives in general, will say they knew in their gut he was a man of God, on whom they could rely.

But when it comes to policies many of them are queasy. "I voted for Bush. I thought Kerry was dishonest. He was evil almost," said Julie Smith, out shopping in the prosperous and devout suburb of Bountiful, just outside Salt Lake City. "I like Bush because he's a good man and I think he's got wonderful ideas, but I don't think it's worked out the way he thought it would."

It's frightening to see that there are religious conservatives who automatically vote Repug in spite of what their brain is trying to tell them.

Like Ms Smith, Mr Mayberry likes the fact that "he professes his faith openly". He says he appreciates the Bush tax cuts, which he says give the people rather than the government the final say on how individuals' hard-earned money is spent.

He is enthusiastic about the partial privatisation of the US federal pension scheme, which is likely to be a centrepiece in the inaugural address and in the second term agenda.

But as Mr Mayberry talks about the future, it is clear that his enthusiasm is tinged with worry. The tax cuts and pension reform will cost trillions of dollars and the Bush administration has already run up a record deficit. For Mr Mayberry, and for a majority of Americans, fixing the deficit should come first. "I understand international economics just enough for it to scare the hell out of me," he said. "My priority right now is eliminate the deficit before eliminate tax. Before the compounding effect gets us all."

He also admits that he was unnerved by the US failure to find any of the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, despite the confident assurances of the administration. "That was disturbing. I expect integrity on that level. Either our administration lied to us, or someone lied to them," he said.

And yet they remain convinced that John Kerry is "evil." Incredible.


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